Webinar - Walter Jehne on Hydrological Cooling and the Soil Sponge

Q & A with Australian Soil Microbiologist & Climate Scientist Walter Jehne--Recorded May 2019

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Hydrological Cooling and the Soil Sponge: An On-Demand Webinar with Walter Jehne

In this webinar with Walter Jehne (hosted by Land and Leadership Founder, Didi Pershouse), we answered questions about restoring water cycles for cooling and rehydration of landscapes at a local, regional, and global scale, as well as questions about the soil sponge that underlies all healthy functional landscapes and water cycles.

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Walter Jehne
Walter Jehne

Walter Jehne is an internationally recognized climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist. He has immense field and research experience in forests, grasslands, agriculture and soils at national (CSIRO) and international (UN) level. Walter has also worked more broadly at Federal Government level, leading transformation in industry. This diversity of experience has given Walter an exceptional capacity to think in systems and see solutions - turning challenges into opportunities. Walter is well known for his ability to explain complex science in easy to understand ways.

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